Experience the award-winning CrocPond brand. 
A family entertainment and media brand 
based on socially positive themes.




CrocPond is a series of theme-based apps (stories, videos, games, learning lessons), based on the award-winning CrocPond animal characters. Designed to educate – and delight, each animal character represents a positive principle such as friends not bullies, patience, diet/exercise, integrity, etc.

We are building out a loyal community of brand followers through a mobile apps download strategy. Mobile apps offer the greatest engagement with our users, who spend an average of 7 hours per week on their phones/tablets.

As 100% owners of the CrocPond IP and brand assets, international licensing and publishing opportunities represent a high margin business and the path to significant scaling of the CrocPond business.



Millennials are now becoming parents and family entertainment is pivoting. Parents are seeking creative and engaging ways to imbue their children with positive principles. An overwhelming 52% of millennial parents believe that being a good parent is most important. These parents are keenly aware that 80% of a child’s internal values / beliefs are internalized by the age of 8 and that a shocking 90% of the media content being consumed by their kids is age inappropriate. As a result, 66% of parents today are searching App Stores for meaningful content.

Globally, family entertainment and media brands represent a multi-billion dollar market. The size of the U.S. toy retail market alone exceeds $18B and the educational apps sector is projected to reach $2.3B in 2017. 


The CrocPond brand is based on a proven learning system – the Memory Anchor Retention System or MARS – that has been developed and taught over a 23-year period. Over 60,000 people and 200 organizations have substantiated this unique and proven body of work.

What sets CrocPond apart is its meaningful themes, principal-based system, collectible characters, affinity marketing partnerships, and breadth of the brand’s international publishing and licensing opportunities.

We spark conversations. We engage families and inspire through 32 role-model characters, each with socially positive storylines and learning opportunities.

We are “Mickey Mouse with meaning.”